Dalton Bivins picked up the guitar at 15, his interest initially ignited by the likes of Frank Zappa and Steve Vai. In his late 20s, Dalton discovered that music was his place of comfort. “I find it to be one of the most fascinating things in this life."

Influences then spanned into every category including Muse, Beethoven, Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin, and A Tribe Called Quest. Dalton Bivins has worked in a few bands over the past decade, such as TBG, Rockford, The Feelers and Smashing Pumpkins.

Now, as lead guitarist with Joyride, he plans on building and expanding on the natural blues foundation set out in front of him. ”Blues can be the simplest and the most abstract all at the same time, its really a double edged sword.”

Upcoming Shows

​​​​​​February 24 // 10PM
@ The Shrine
in Tulsa, OK

January 17 - 20 
International Blues Challenge 2018
@ Beale Ave. (Beale St.)
in Memphis, TN

November 4 // 9PM

Antry CD Release Party

@ Soul City

in Tulsa, OK

October 22​ // 5PM
International Blues Challenge 2017
@ Friends Bar and Grill
in OKC, OK

September 30 // 8PM
Blues Challenge 2017
@ PJ's Pub & Grill  
in Owasso, OK

August 26​​ // 6PM

Blues Challenge 2017

@ Cain's Ballroom 
in Tulsa, OK

June 17 // 8PM
@ The Shrine 
in Tulsa, OK

May 20 // 8:30PM
@ Mayfest -- Boston Stage
in Tulsa, OK

May 6 // 8PM


@ Cain's Ballroom
in Tulsa, OK

​May 4 // 8PM
@ Blackbird on Pearl
in Tulsa, OK

April 22 // 8PM
@ Tidewater Winery
in Drumwright, OK

​​April 1 // 9PM-2AM
April Fool's Day Comedy & Blues
@ The Shrine
in Tulsa, OK

March 24 // 5PM
@ Marshall Brewing Company 
in Tulsa, OK

March 2 // 8PM
@ The Run 
in Tulsa, OK

January 8 // 5PM​

Oklahoma Blues Society -- Blues Jam

@ Friends Restaurant & Club 

in OKC, OK

Steve Antry- Lead Vocals/ Blues Harp  

Patrick Sharp- Keyboard

David comes from a long line of musicians. His great-grandparents owned and performed in a traveling Vaudeville show. Both parents, uncles and grandfather were all drummers. Hence, Dave was born a drummer. He loves performing, and it is his greatest passion. He feels fortunate that passion turned into a career.

He is a member of the Country Music Association and has toured and recorded with many National and Regional acts. Numerous songs have charted in the U.S. and overseas. Additionally, he has performed in internationally popular music videos.

He proudly endorses Dixon Drums, Ultimate Ears and Lava Cable, as well as The Drum Shop Tulsa. 

Nathan has been blessed with a strong musical lineage. Nathan’s father was a professional bass player in the 60’s, playing for several famous bands. His father bought Nathan his first bass at age 13. As he recalls, “My favorite bass is my Fender American Precision Deluxe wearing a set of flat wound strings. I get that classic Motown sound but enough flexibility to play the blues!”

His love of music kept rolling. “In my early 20s I was a syndicated radio DJ and head of commercial production for Clear Channel Radio. I’ve been in several local bands and played bass for several churches. When Greg and Steve asked me if I wanted to play bass in a blues band, I jumped at the opportunity. I love the blues but had never got to play in a blues band!” He’s been rocking to the blues ever since.

Previous Shows

Greg’s early childhood was heavily influenced by old time gospel music and rockabilly. His major influences were Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis.

In high school, his love of music took a backseat to sports; from football to wrestling and eventually Professional MMA fighting. He picked up a guitar again at about 25. Over the years Greg was in church bands, rock & roll bands and a country band called Country Enough.

Country Enough wrote their own music, and made a few recordings and videos before they disbanded in 1993 when Greg started his Law Enforcement career. Once again, Greg’s love of music would take a backseat until he retired from the Tulsa Police Department in 2015. Then in 2016 Greg and his best friend, Steve Antry, decided to put together the great blues band Joyride and the rest, as they say, is history!

Nathan Alessi- Bass / Vocals

March 15 // 1PM


@ Bungalow

in Austin, TX

April 14 // 9PM
Joyride Spring Concert 

@ Soul City
in Tulsa, OK

May 18 // 8:30 PM

Mayfest 2018

​@ Main Stage (Williams Green)
in Tulsa, OK



Greg Douglass- Rhythm Guitar / Percussion 

About The Band

David Montgomory- Drums / Vocals

​Pat ("Doc")  is one of the more musically dynamic members of the band. Thus, his love for music has always been undeniable.

Learning piano at the age of five, Pat’s intrigue has thrived. Before college he took up the saxophone and later the tenor saxophone. He continued to play piano for all church services he attended. Additionally, he would perform with his uncle and cousins as part of The Singing Sharp Family, a regionally well-known southern gospel band popular in the 70’s and 80’s. His dad was a piano player and personal friend of Jerry Lee Lewis (sometimes on tour). Thus, Doc was heavily influenced by Jerry’s early rock & roll style.

While completing his medical residency, Doc played in a popular recording country band named Robby Wilkes & Country Enough. The band played for several years before work requirements forced Doc to drop out.

Doc is now picking up where his music career left off… 

Dalton Bivins- Lead Guitar 

Steve is classically trained (with a three-octave range), but was also raised on traditional church and gospel music. Over the years, Steve has performed for a countless number of extremely diverse audiences. However, the blues have always held a unique place in Steve's heart.

His profound passion for the blues ultimately led to the formation of Joyride as well as some recent Nashville recordings, accompanied by numerous top blues artists. Additionally, Steve is also a Charter Member and lifetime VIP of the Blues Foundation (Memphis, TN). 

Steve Antry's debut album, ANTRY - Devil Don't Care, was released in August of 2017 and reached as high as #7 in the Blues / Rock category on the International Indie Charts. Visit www.antrymusic.com for more information.